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Please note our sailing season in the Caribbean typically runs from mid December through to the end of May.

You may check our updated sailing schedule for availability or call us at:

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About Scott Charters

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Intro Summary

Scott Caribbean charters was founded by Tom Scott, a retired financial advisor. It began with Tom's passion for sailing and cruising in tropical waters. Initially, Tom invited friends and members of the various online sailing clubs he belongs to, to come and experience the Caribbean with him and share expenses. The response was tremendous.

For Tom, the experience has been very rewarding, as he relives his initial excitement and enthusiasm for Caribbean cruising vicariously through his guests.

In 2009 Tom decided to make it a business and founded "Scott Caribbean charters" still maintaining his low-cost model, as a strategy to gain "clientele" in lieu of spending substantial amounts of money for sales and marketing.

Our value is the best in the Caribbean! Feel free to compare our rates the competition as we offer affordable group, individual or couple chartered sailing packages.

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Relax & unwind in style

There's nothing like sailing in the trades with beautiful blue skies, puffy white clouds, pulling into a secluded anchorage with beautiful beaches, dropping the anchor and jumping in the water for a refreshing swim in 84° water. Perhaps a little snorkeling or sunbathing on the deck or the beach, and afternoon rum punch followed by a delicious meal on board or take the dinghy to one of the local restaurants or resorts.

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Meet new friends!

If you can't put a group together to fill the boat, inquire if there are any groups with space available and join in. This happens quite often, resulting in more fun and new friendships.

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Swim, Snorkel, and Scuba Dive in clear pristine waters. Walk for miles on beautiful secluded beaches. Explore uninhabited Islands. While on the trail keep an eye out for turtles and iguanas. Meet the locals, have a Rum Punch at one of the many beach bars.

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Our Sailboat, Monet II

Enjoyable sailing, heart of the Caribbean.

"Monet II" is a 2005 47' Beneteau sloop. The 47' Beneteau is a solid open ocean sailing vessel, renowned for its safety, speed and comfort. In outfitting Monet II, Tom's focus has been on safety and comfort. Monet II is equipped with three cabins, each with a queen sized bunk. Each cabin has its own "head" and shower. On the Stern there is a large swim step equipped with a shower. Some of the equipment you will not find on other charter boats:

  • Safety equipment in addition to Coast Guard requirements: Radar - chart plotter with AIS – three backup GPS's - 4 emergency bilge pumps - extra handholds throughout - satellite phone - "in reach" tracking GPS – Rocna anchor (best holding anchor money can buy) +2 backup anchors – -all thru-hulls equipped with Sea Cocks.
  • Speed & Comfort: weather proof cockpit (stay dry in the cockpit even during a tropical downpour) - solar panels and wind generator (no running the diesel to charge the batteries) - Gori folding propeller - a sail plan specifically designed for Caribbean conditions - electric winch.
Sailing Schedule

Caribbean Tours in a Charter Boat

Enjoy amazing Caribbean tours in our comfortable charter boat. Scott Caribbean Charters was founded by Tom Scott, a retired financial advisor, as a way for him to enjoy his passion for sailing and cruising in tropical waters. Initially, Tom invited friends and members of the various online sailing clubs to join him in experiencing everything the Caribbean has to offer. The response was tremendous and now Scott is proud to offer his Caribbean tours to people across the world.

A Rewarding Experience

A licensed Master Captain, Tom loves to relive his initial excitement and enthusiasm for Caribbean cruising vicariously through his guests. Thanks to his low-cost model, he is able to offer the best value possible on his Caribbean tours so that groups, couples, and individuals can easily afford his charter boat tours.

All of our Caribbean tours are performed on our beautiful sailboat, the Monet II, which has a variety of features that many other charter boats just do not have, including a fully closeable cockpit, solar panels, and a wind generator. With more than 35 years of experience, Tom understands how to navigate the Caribbean safely and is ready to take you on a tour of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines any time between mid-december to the end of May.

Contact us today for more information about booking your Caribbean tour by charter boat.


Here are some testimonials sent by our customers.

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"Sailing with Captain Tom and Monet II was a lifetime experience: 70 hours under sail and over a dozen coves visited. I would sail with Tom anytime, anywhere!"

Debbie, San Juan Capistrano, CA


"Our group spent over a week in the Caribbean with Capt Tom on Monet II and we all agreed that it was a magical trip. We were able to travel at our pleasure, have the flexibility to explore what we wanted and when we wanted to do it. I plan on booking a charter with Capt Tom every year for the foreseeable future because this is definitely the way to travel the Caribbean and you shouldn't book with anyone one else!"

James, Newport Beach, CA


"Tom has allowed us to realize a dream: count the Caribbean sailing Islands." This was just fantastic! Not only the sea was beautiful, but the cloud changing sky was beautiful. Tom is a captain that puts safety and the wellbeing of the passengers as a top priority. "Thanks to Tom we sailed with joy and confidence at the speed of the wind."

Paty & René, Switzerland


"This was my first real sailing experience and with Captain Tom. With Tom at the wheel one feels Safe and in good hands. Monet II is very comfortable and we had a great time visiting the Caribbean Sea from Martinique to the British Virgin Islands. Thank you to Tom, Heinz and Chantal for this wonderful time."

Gisele, Switzerland


"We highly appreciated our trip with you to the British Virgin Islands and had a great pleasure sailing around on your very comfortable boat, anchoring most of the time in marvelous "private bays" and enjoying sea, sand and sun! A great experience! There was just one thing which we did not like so much: the Carnival Cruises "monsters"... but as we always left them far out of reach, we could accommodate!"

Heinz & Chantal, Switzerland


"Loads of fun in the sun with a great captain! I always felt safe except when Tom let me sail the boat, and we never could figure out all those funny knots. Amazing trip!"

Bruce and Lisé, Hollywood, CA


"Sailing aboard Monet II is the ultimate way to explore the Caribbean. Tom Scott is a warm host and a seasoned sailor who instantly makes you feel welcome as he expertly guides you on a tour of "paradise". Sailing with Tom felt like I knew a local in the Caribbean who enjoyed sharing all of his favorite spots with us. This is a trip of a lifetime that you will remember always."

Arlene, Orange County, CA


"Of all my exotic sail trips, the one I took with Captain Tom Scott was the best; a product of a beautiful boat and able skipper. Tom Scott has sailed in the Caribbean for the past fifteen years and was our guide to its islands and people. A real adventure that would not have been possible without Tom. His top concern is the first safety and then happiness of his crew. Tom rose early and got the boat underway while the rest of us slept in."

Tim, Orange County, CA


"We heard about Tom through friends and it sounded like a great time. When we arrived in St. Lucia, Tom was waiting for us and the adventure began. Tom is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the Caribbean. His boat handled the waters beautifully. Tom is well known in these areas and was greeted by many. He was helpful in directing us through local areas. My husband and I both agree that after a week with Tom, you are already planning your next adventure with him."

Judy and Udo Huntington Beach, CA